CAP Version 4.3 -- Release Notes

Version 4.3 of Customer Access Plus is here! Logs for Customer Settings!

We’d like to welcome all of our Customer Access Plus customers to the new and improved version 4.3. The theme of this update is to overhaul and improve the amount of detail you can view from within the solution. You can now more easily view the details of new settings with Recipient Creation Date Record, when recipients were created in the system with Creation Date, supporting document details with Supporting Document Record, and detailed email templates with Electronic Delivery Registration Mail.

Details, Details, Details

Recipient Creation Date Record

The Reports option, under Customer Access, now includes a new filter called “Settings Log”. When selected, the Settings Log filter option shows details concerning updates made to the different settings stored in the Customer Settings area.

Once the report option is checked, click the Search button and a table will load records based on the filter criteria. The records will denote the date and time the change occurred, the type of adjustment, as well as the username of the person who updated the setting.

When did it all begin?

Creation Date

The Recipients page now includes the Creation Date. This is the date the recipient was initially created within the system. A Creation Date column is located onthe right side of the Recipient table, which allows for easy access of this date.

Utilize the two new filter options to search for a specific date range. The new filter options are labeled “created On & Before” and “Created On & After”.

One Plus Sign to Rule Them All

Supporting Document Record

Supporting document records within the Documents option can now be accessed through the plus sign (+) on the left side of the record row. Click the plus sign to expand the record and show the supporting document details.

In order to view the supporting document, check the box to the left of the date column. ONce checked, click the View action button below the documents table. The supporting document will open in a new tab.

It’s Electric! Boogie, Woogie, Woogie!

Electronic Delivery Registration Email

When the recipient status Portal Only is available, a new email template is listed in the Email Settings area. The Electronic Delivery Registration Email template will be sent to users who decided to receive future statements/invoices through the online portal.

The Edit button will allow you to personalize the email sent to customers.