Automated Revenue Cycle Enhancement solution geared toward self-pay and “balance after insurance” accounts.



By automating your groups’ best practices, you can be assured that your in-house collection efforts are being executed in a highly productive manner with a minimal amount of overhead. Consider intelliStatement® as an alternative to costly pre-collection or early out programs.



Documents into effective communication:

- Applying business rules to individualize and personalize documents.

- Creating innovative design formats that enhance payment.

- Providing web-based services that improve customer service and accelerate cash flow.

- Providing custom backers included in your Statement set

- Providing the option of bilingual billing.



Intelligence from the data file received allow campaigns to be automated that influence responsible payment by the guarantor or patient/customer.


 Graphic explaining the many different features included in intelliStatment


Campaigns can be triggered using key fields within the data file or elements like the last encounter, outstanding balance, total balance owed, etc. to launch complementary services that accompany the delivery of the statement.

Our full variable color statements and letters empower you to accomplish multiple goals: Custom or Targeted Messages - Promote important health system events and services through selective color and graphic variable messaging. Reinforce any branding or style initiatives by your system.


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Imagine a patient calls you with a question regarding a service that you provided for them.

This service was sent to them in the form of a statement or invoice and was filed incorrectly or got lost in the pile of other invoices. This causes issues for not only your organization but will also likely frustrate your clients and/or customers.

intelliStatement's inherent eView feature completely reduces the risk of the situation above happening within your organization by natively allowing you to view statements or invoices that were processed from the cloud. You can pull up the PDF of the statement or invoice instantaneously while on the phone or responding to your client and/or customer. Stored invoices and/or statements within eView are readily available for 90 days.


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Give your patients & clients the inherent ability for email delivery opitions & payment.

Customer Access Plus web portal email delivery means the end-user will receive an email notification when their statement is available and ready to be viewed online. Once made available, the client and/or patient can pay their invoice or statement in a total PCI compliant and secure environment.

Also available as a Customer Access + service is the ability for us to create custom payment portals that are cohesive with your organization's branding. We'll help bring your brand to life with a modern and simplistic login screen.

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Set business rules and make statements visible or invisible through document suppression.

Level 1 Suppression

You choose whether the statements can be seen or not.


Level 2 Suppression

You choose to hide the statements completely, making it hard to access.

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Reduce the pain points associated with the DPV Requirement.

The USPS requires that all automated first class mail passes Delivery Point Validation (DPV). Essentially, Delivery Points are single locations where mail is delivered. Delivery Point Validation uses USPS supplied database of hundreds of millions of records to confirm that an address is actually deliverable.


eCorrect has two levels of service.


Level 1 address correction attempts to correct spelling, abbreviation, or formatting errors in order to have the address pass Delivery Point Validation. For instance, an address was put in as E 121 darrew RD when there is only a W 121 Darrow RD. Level 1 is designed to report the correction to you for your approval for prompt mailing. If we are not able to provide a Level 1 correction, then business logic can pass to Level 2 or as a report for your examination.

eCorrect Level 1

eCorrect Level 2

Level 2 is a skip tracing service that queries the name provided in a radius of the zip code provided.  Level 2 then provides potential associated addresses and relevant data points. For example:

  • Dates the address was used
  • Partial Social Security number
  • Date of Birth

Business logic can be deployed to dictate when Level 2 searches occur and can be deployed manually.

On the first level, we use USPS' secure dataset of approximately 160 million permanent change-of-address (COA) records consisting of the names and addresses of individuals, families, and businesses who have filed a change-of-address with the USPS, also known as National Change of Address (NCOA). If, however, our level 1 database does not work we will then push it to level 2 - Lexis Nexis Search. Enter a name or zip and we'll return a list of addresses within a 25-mile radius related to those two entered criteria.


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Empower yourself to accomplish multiple goals with our full variable color statements.


Promote important health system events and services through selective color and graphic variable messaging. Reinforce any branding or style initiatives by your system.

Custom or Targeted Messages

Clearly communicate your payment expectations. Incorporate full-color credit card logos and highlighted dunning messages that change with each cycle. Drive payment activity to a website for quicker and easier payments.


Accelerate Payments

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Download and store PDF images of their statements on their local networks.

PDF archive allows users to download and store PDF images of their statements on their local networks. PDF Archive works in tandem with eView and can hold records for longer periods of time. If you are dealing with a delinquent account that is taking abnormally long to pay their invoice and/or statement, PDF Archive can hold record of their documents to ensure that you can more easily keep track of what they owe your organization.


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Visualize your invoice in a whole new light.

Let’s face it, your ERP or billing platform was never meant to create itemized or custom invoices. Etactics’ Accelerated Document Composition™ solution enables you to better visualize the itemized invoice you are trying to create and share it with your clients electronically when it’s completed.

 intelliStatement Customer Invoicing Process explaination 

What to expect from Custom Invoicing

Visualize managing data from any source—including an invoice or statement file—in one place, or ConnectPlus®.




Automatically create a custom invoice using the report writing query tool within ConnectPlus®.


Customizing and delivering an invoice according to your customer’s requirements ensures timely and responsible payment.

Get paid


Your clients can receive the custom invoice as an email attachment or have them access the document thru a presentment portal.

Go electronic


Manage the details and charges according to your customer's demands. Ideal for accounting for assets or charges by location, business until, groups, cost centers, etc.


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Fully customizable Interactive Voice Response Technology

Collection calls and other patient notification calls just got easier with ReminderPlus™. Etactics' integrated, automated and live phone call follow-up service, utilizes Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. There is no special software or equipment to buy or install. This value-added service includes full customization and complete reporting to positively improve your A/R. It features:

 Male looking at phone while at his desk
  • Automatically triggered by remaining balance aging.
  • Prompts for "call to action," confirmation or redirection to your office can be included.
  • Complete call log reports include a record of calls placed and calls successfully delivered.
  • Cost effective live calls that free up your office staff’s time.
  • Live phone calls with bilingual options.
 An illustration of the statement cycle using intelliStatement