Etactics Provides revenue cycle solutions to over 4,000 healthcare and commercial clients.

Learn more about each of our solutions below.

Claims Clearinghouse

IntelliClaim is our full-service clearinghouse, AppealsPlus is our automated denial management software, and the Revenue Vitals Report is our full-service business intelligence report.

Patient & Customer Portal

Our Patient & Customer Access Plus  solutions offer a secure online payment and delivery processing. It accelerates account receivables, reduces risk, and saves time and money.

Compliance & Risk

K2 Compliance is a BPO resource that gives an organization the ability to create, deploy, and analyze processes to mitigate risks associated with daily activities, thus protecting sensitive information.

Engagement Communication

Our marketing experts will work with you and determine the best way to implement a sound strategy that increases your brand's awareness using traditional, and online marketing methods with PEC.

statements & Invoices

We turn collection documents into effective patient & customer communication by: applying business rules to individualize and personalize documents with intelliStatement.

Accounts Receivable Recovery

A/R Insite offers a better alternative to your organization by allowing you to visualize your accounts receivable in order to improve your bottom line and become a more effective organization.

20 years of Revenue Cycle Management Innovation


Etactics, Inc. was established in June of 1999. The company was formed to provide Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services to healthcare clients. Today Etactics provides cost-effective services that enhance the accuracy and delivery of time-sensitive documents, especially invoices. Etactics' services directly influence our clients' cash flow. Our products and services assist our clients across various business sectors to improve business processes, boost staff productivity, reduce expenses and accelerate payment.


Welcome to the Etactics family.


Etactics has successfully partnered with a select number of independent brokers, VAR’s and software companies throughout North America. We are open to working with companies that share our same commitment to sales growth, customer service, and excellence.