Cloud-Based Compliance Solution


Innovation demands an interactive platform that brings your policies alive. K2 Compliance™ can enhance productivity and improve processes by tracking, auditing, and guiding compliance efforts in the cloud. Increased regulatory scrutiny forces companies to live with risk, lose focus, hire more employees to manage efforts, or cease to exist entirely. 


Compliance is a global concern that effects multiple industries.

Only 27% of CCOs strongly agree that their compliance function has a change management process in place to identify and incorporate changes in laws and regulations. Regardless of the industry you are in, it is important to understand and adhere to the regulatory compliance environment, especially with how rapidly it can change. 



Feature Overview

Over 81,000 total pages of government regulations were created in 2015 and each year thereafter has been record-breaking. Compliance is a growing concern for many organizations, regardless of the industry that they operate within or the number of employees that they manage. The average company spends 80 hours per week managing government regulations. Unfortunately many of them still utilizing outdated management technologies.


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