In 2019, Etactics is celebrating its 20 year anniversary. Founded in 1999, we’ve continued to strive towards becoming one of the most innovative providers of Revenue Cycle solutions. As part of that, we are releasing something bigger than we ever have in the name of celebration.

Check back here on the first week of January to learn more about what we are releasing or you can submit your name and email below to be sent information on the announcement the moment it happens.

horizontal timeline
  1. Etactics' Establishment

    May 1, 1999

    Etactics was established in 1999 by Michael Teutsch. It originally started out as a medical Clearinghouse, a flagship service we still provide to this day. While exploring opportunities in 1999, Michael came to understand the constantly increasing administrative costs in the Healthcare space because of the lack of electronic data communications. He found this especially true with the physician practice market where adding people to manually do tasks was often the way the practices overcame the lack of data and communications. Michael believed that this process should be improved and Etactics was born.

  2. First Claim Sent

    February 4, 2000

    Initially, the company focus was to provide EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services between Physicians groups and insurance companies. In the Healthcare space, these companies are referred to as clearinghouses. The initial clients saw costs go down, labor go down, payments come faster and therefore Accounts Receivable (A/R) decrease. Needless to say that clients told their friends and Etactics became a profitable entity after 11 months in business.

  3. First Statement Mailed

    October 6th, 2001

    Once Etactics' Claims Clearinghouse was well established, Michael decided to further enhance our offering by venturing into patient statement processing and mailing. As part of that expansion, he brought on the current Senior Vice President of Etactics, Carl Trownson, to utilize his expertise within the industry. They didn't know then but they were laying the foundation for an organization who would continue to grow into an innovative tech company. Within the next few years, our statement offering was enhanced tremendously. To this day both Michael and Carl make up the senior management of Etactics and oversee all workings of the company.

  4. eView Released

    September 15th, 2002

    As things started rolling with our statement solution, the next innovation that Etactics introduced was one to further enhance the experience for the small doctor's offices we served by coding and announcing eView. eView is our most popular feature with our current statement service offering as it allows users to login to our portal and view their statement and/or invoice electronically. This feature saved both valuable time and money on print costs for doctors offices.

  5. ePay Patient Payment Portal

    September 7th, 2004

    Now that Etactics was familiar with electronic-based solution creation. The next natural innovation to create was an actual portal where patients could login to pay their bill. This need in the market led to the creation of our ePay patient payment portal. This portal was our first true "cloud-based" solution. Similarly to eView, we still offer this innovation today but dropped the "e".

  6. Four Color Digital Printing

    June 30th, 2006

    The next step in enhancing our statement experience was to provide more customization options to our clients. In order to do that we unveiled our ability to provide four-color digital printing. Current day, that doesn't seem like a four-color option was a big deal but twelve years ago in 2006 it was a huge innovation that gave doctor's offices and medical practices unheard of customization options.

  7. Etactics Moves Headquarters

    March 15th, 2007

    The continuous improvement to our offering naturally led to an increase in employees and a decrease in the initial 1,000 square foot office that Michael and Carl were working in since the beginning. Michael and Carl started shopping around the Hudson, Ohio area and eventually found a place that was three times the size of their original office, allowing for plenty more room to grow.

  8. e-Series Solution Launch

    November 11th, 2008

    2008 was one of the biggest years in Etacitcs history as there were huge innovations made in on both the EDI and statements side. We refer to the year 2008, as the e-Series year as we announced eClaim Correct, eDelivery, eCorrect, and Real-Time Eligibility all at once. The reception of all of these solutions was positive and each of these additional services are utilized today.

  9. intelliStatement & IntelliClaim Launch

    February 24th, 2010

    By 2010, our statement and EDI offering had so many services involved with them that they had to be combined, streamlined and branded as stand-alone services. The result of after a numerous brainstorming sessions was intelliStatement and IntelliClaim. intelliStatement and IntelliClaim are still our two flagship products today.

  10. Updated Claims Management Platform

    January 19th, 2015

    Five years after its release, IntelliClaim, which was a combination of all the services we offered since the beginning, was in need of a serious makeover. Five years after we branded it as IntelliClaim we updated the entire platform. This was the first time we ever made enhancements to the User Experience of our products since we started.

  11. K2 Compliance Launch

    April 5th, 2016

    In early 2016, Etactics began to noticing the intricacies involved with staying a HIPAA compliant organization. While trying to increase our compliance practices, we saw that many of our clients were experiencing similar struggles. This lead to the creation and release of our newest innovation, K2 Compliance, a BPO resource that gives an organization the ability to mitigate risk associated with daily compliance efforts.

  12. Etactics Unveils New Logos

    March 3rd, 2017

    By 2017, Etactics first logo had turned 18 years old and with the hundreds of emerging technology companies coming out of Silicon Valley, it was time to update our logo set and bring our organization into the modern world. After a two-month-long collaboration between senior management and Etactics' marketing department, Etactics unveiled its new logo set in March 2017.

  13. Etactics 20 Year Anniversary

    January 1st, 2019

    In January 2019, Etactics will be celebrating its 20 year anniversary. Stay tuned because there is more to come.