2019 Bee Sting Prevention Brochure


With the return of spring comes the return of bees. Nothing ruins a nice spring day like a bee sting, especially for those with allergies to bees and wasps. Even to those without allergies, bee stings are painful.

Here are some ways to avoid bee stings:

  1. Hold the perfume

  2. Ditch the sugar

  3. Wear shoes

  4. Wear neutral colors

  5. Keep your garbage cans clean

  6. Stay calm

  7. Close windows

  8. Avoid loose closing

  9. Remove bee hives

  10. If you do get stung, remove the stinger and leave the area

By learning about these tips, you can enjoy your time outside this spring and summer without having to worry as much about being stung.

2019 Bee Sting Prevention Brochure

April showers bring May flowers...and flowers bring bees. With the return of bees upon us, this month our Patient Engagement Communication team has designed a 2019 Bee Sting Free brochure that explains how to avoid bee stings, how these tips work to prevent bees, and what to do if you are stung.


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