4 Helpful Tools That Will Instantly Streamline Your Healthcare Claim Submission


You’re a healthcare practice that just conducted a procedure on a patient. Luckily, that patient has a healthcare insurance provider so your can medical billing team submit their claim. All of this happens in around 2 hours, right? Actually, healthcare claim submission is a bit more complicated and takes much longer.

Hopefully, your healthcare claim submission doesn’t take too long, however, because each healthcare insurance company has established timely filing limits. As we know, timely filing limits are a timeframe in which a claim must be submitted after the date of service. The hardest part about healthcare claim submission is managing every claim while submitting them within their respective insurance’s deadline.

In a previous piece, we established how you can ensure a claim is submitted within a timely filing limit. For this piece, we’ve listed 4 helpful tools that will streamline your healthcare claim submission.

4 Helpful Tools that Will Streamline Your Healthcare Claim Submission

Google Sheets

Keeping track of the different timely filing limits associated with different healthcare insurance companies is the best way to streamline your healthcare claim submission process.

To do this efficiently, create a Google Sheet and share it with your internal medical billing team. This will streamline your healthcare claim submission process tremendously.

Whenever a team member finds a timely filing limit associated with a particular health insurance they should add it to the Google Sheet.

Format the Google Sheet into three columns to keep this process as simple as possible. In the first column add the name of the healthcare insurance company. The second column should be designated to the timely filing limit for the health insurance company. Finally, the third column should either link to or contain the source of the timely filing limit, this is the most important column.


Deadline Calculator

We live in a world today that is extremely pressed for time. Timely filing limits are an ever present deadline.

As soon as a patient service is rendered, and you know what healthcare insurance they utilize, look-up their insurance’s timely filing limit and calculate the latest healthcare claim submission date.

Google Hangouts Chat

As a medical billing organization, establishing available communication channels between your front-end and back-end departments will make it easier to communicate the urgency associated with healthcare claim submissions.

Google Hangouts Chat is a great additive service that, when paired up with email, will help your team communicate instantaneously. The best part is that Google Hangouts Chat is HIPAA compliant.


Establishing a simple healthcare claim submission process will enhance your team’s productivity.

Trello is a great beginner tool that you can use to give your team a clear to-do list on healthcare claim submission, the moment they receive a claim.

Our healthcare claim clearinghouse offers a similar style to Trello but enhances the process with automated email reminders, time management capabilities, and more options that are specifically tailored to healthcare organizations.