5 Ways to Ensure your Healthcare Claims are Submitted Within a Timely Filing Limit


As almost all medical billers know, a timely filing limit denial is one of the most common. Timely filing limit denials are so common because there is no set or standardized deadline. In other words, each individual healthcare insurance company can have their own unique timely filing limit. There are thousands of healthcare insurance companies in the United States meaning there are potentially thousands of different timely filing limits. This puts a lot of pressure on your medical billing team.

So what are some ways to help ensure you’re submitting claims to healthcare insurance companies within their timely filing limit?


5 Ways to Ensure a Claim is Submitted within a Timely Filing Limit

  1. Train Your Employees

    Face it, if your employees don’t realize how much money your healthcare organization is losing due to not submitting patient claims to healthcare insurances, within their respective timely filing limits, you’re losing revenue. The number one way to ensure that you are submitting patient claims within their designated timely filing limit is to train your employees and instill a sense of urgency when submitting claims.

  2. Establish a Process

    Everyone loves step-by-step guides, processes, and how-tos. Search for any topic on the internet and you’ll find hundreds of these types of articles. This is also true in the medical billing space. Your team will perform exceptionally better by establishing a set process for claim submission. As a generalization, the average timely filing submission deadline is 90 days from the day of service.

  3. Enhance Communication Channels

    We’ve all worked for organizations that have issues communicating between departments. A business environment that encourages communication between front-end and back-end medical billing departments performs better, especially when it comes to denial management and timely filing limits.

  4. Conduct Research

    Since healthcare insurance companies establish their timely filing limits, they are super accessible and can be found right from their website, right? Actually, it can take some serious digging from your medical billing team to find a healthcare insurance’s timely filing limit

    The majority of the time, a healthcare insurance company’s timely filing limit can be found within their provider manual. In some cases, these provider manuals can be found by utilizing your favorite search engine. If their healthcare specific timely filing limit is not within that document, your billing team will have to contact them directly.

  5. Create a Database

    Once you’ve conducted research and found the timely filing limits for the healthcare insurance companies your patients use, you might as well record your efforts and create a database. Simply create a living Google Sheet and make it easily accessible by every team member.

    Format that Google Sheet into three columns; healthcare insurance, timely filing limit, and a link to the timely filing limit source. The last column is key because you need to make sure that your timely filing limits are as up-to-date as possible. The older a timely filing limit, the higher chance that a healthcare insurance company changed it.

Like with any organization, time is one of the most valuable resources. To many of us, it feels like we never have enough time. However, timely filing limits have a direct impact on your revenue so it behooves you to ensure your healthcare insurance claims are submitted within their timely filing limits.