K2 Compliance Workflow & Task Management

K2 Compliance employs a Business Process Optimization workflow module that applies organization defined processes to activity tickets.  Ticket functionality changes depending on the task or scenario that the selected process addresses.

A ticket within K2 Compliance becomes an individual workspace unique to the task that is associated with a specific record.  The ticket dashboard displays relative information such as:

  • the person or group the task is assigned to
  • Deadlines
  • uploaded documents
  • detailed instruction to follow for completing the each step of a process
  • History of activity

With little effort, documents are attached to tickets and become easily accessible.  Management can track the progress of mission-critical events that are documented down to every second of every hour.  Employees can collaborate on projects in addition to logging time spent against individual related activities.

This automated workflow functionality inherent to K2 Compliance augments the performance, documentation and management of your organization’s compliance and IT security efforts.