[FREE WEBINAR] The Next Generation of Statements

It's no secret that there is a nationwide decline in traditional transaction mail that is caused by the adoption of electronic delivery. This trend has been happening for almost ten years now. In fact, six years ago, in 2012, households were already paid more transactional documents electronically than by mail. Currently, 56% of all bills are paid electronically due in part by the rise of Gen X and Millenial generations. 

However, even if your organization puts a greater emphasis on electronic delivery, there is no easy way to predict whether or not they will pay their bill on time. So how can you decrease your overall Days Sales Outstanding and ensure that you receive payment sooner?

Etactics and SAP Business One Gold partner, LBSi, have teamed up in an effort to change the transaction document landscape entirely. By combining our custom-built, in-house production system that was generated from serving the print and mail industry for 20 years, or ADoCs, with the well-known business insight capabilities of SAP Business One, we're able to take transactional documents to the next level by offering unlimited customization options, the ability to track vendor costs, produce margin reports, and make advanced GL determination rules.

On August 7th at 2:30 pm EST, Etactics' Vice President and General Manager, Bill Salm Jr., and president of LBSi, Scott Long, will be holding webinar to discuss how this partnership will help garner in the next generation of transactional documents. Click the button below to save your seat.