[Webinar Recap] Implementing Today's Best Practices for Policy Management

If you missed yesterday's webinar, Implementing Today's Best Practices for Policy Management, as always we've got you covered. This was the last episode in our three-part Building Towards Successful Policy Management webinar series that started back in April and we completely changed up the format to a Q/A session with the professionals over at IntraVires Health Compliance Consultants.

We asked only the toughest questions in order to receive greater insight and understanding into the complicated world of policy management. IntraVires provided further insight and KPIs on establishing a guiding policy, appointing the proper policy team and coordinator, adopting a charter, set expectations, and even relating policy management to Bill Belichick's most famous phrase, "Do your job."

We'd like to give a special thank you to the folks over at IntraVires Health Compliance for their incredible effort towards this webinar series. Combining their expertise in compliance consulting with our expertise in providing a cloud-based compliance solution led to the most insightful webinar series we've ever developed.