Introducing F.I.L.E. Tracker

Starting at the beginning of Q3, all clients who sign up with or already use any of our services from Output Solutions will have access to the brand new F.I.L.E. Tracker feature. 

F.I.L.E. Tracker gives each user an instant view of what is happening to their file, in real-time, right from the table of the solution.

Clicking on one of the F.I.L.E. Tracker 's from within its own column will open a more detailed view with an explanation of what stage your transactional documents are undertaking. eCorrect users will have the opportunity to enjoy an even more detailed view from within this window that indicates which files are going through the eApprove phase.  Our goal is to make managing your transactional documents a seamless experience. 

For more information on F.I.L.E. Tracker you can watch our quick look video below or download our brochure by clicking the button.