Our Founder and President will be Speaking at The 2018 Cleveland Tech Summit

Michael Tetusch, Etactics' Founder and President will be speaking about our compliance experience and our compliance solution on June 6th, 2018.

Our President and Founder, Michael Teutsch, contests, “It’s impossible to go through the initial steps of compliance and feel satisfied.” We’ve always had a special sympathy for organizations in the healthcare and commercial space who are in the midst of establishing their compliance and policy structure because we’ve been through the same hardships that they are facing. 

We believe that compliance is not only necessary, but it is a catalyst for continual improvement for your entire organization. This continual improvement then leads to an overall increase in an organization’s ROI. Compliance isn’t meant to be stowed away, it’s meant to help your business improve. 

We believe that compliance is the catalyst for continual improvement

On June 6th, Michael Teutsch will be speaking at the 2018 Cleveland Tech Summit to explain our first-hand account with establishing a comprehensive, internal compliance management environment, how we overcame common hardships, and how we plan on helping companies of all sizes get a grip on the regulatory environment. 

  • What: 2018 Cleveland Tech SummitOvercoming the feeling that you will never get an ROI for your compliance program
  • Who: Michael Teutsch, President and Founder of Etactics, Inc.
  • When: June 6th
  • Where: Cleveland Airport Marriott | Map it