[Webinar Recap] Steps for Rolling Out a Policy Management Process

If you couldn't make it to our webinar yesterday, don't worry. We've got you covered. As always, we've published the webinar on our Youtube channel

For the second episode of our three-part series, Building Towards Successful Policy ManagementIntraVires Health Compliance Consultants and Etactics' Product Manager, Cole Schlafer, walked you through how to properly implement policies including defining a policy team, establishing a team charter, adopting points of parity, planning and organizing your policy manual, starting policy implementation, and steps for the future.

Join us on 6/21 @ 2pm EST for episode 3 - "Implementing Today's Best Practices for Policy Management"

We've also published the presentation on SlideShare to make it easily available, viewable, and downloadable for anyone interested in learned more about the policy implementation process.

If you missed episode one, that's okay! You can view our recap, video, and presentation of episode 1 - "Having a Policy on Policies" by clicking here.