[FREE WEBINAR] Steps for Rolling Out a Policy Management Process

Presenting episode two in our Building Towards Successful Policy Management webinar series - "Steps for Rolling Out a Policy Management Process". Now that we've appropriately established the foundation of a comprehensive policy management strategy for your organization, the second step in policy management is to begin the implementation process.

Implementing new policies into your organization can be one of the most daunting tasks in policy management. However, we're here to help and will break down the process into easily comprehensible steps that, when implemented, will ensure the success of your organization. 

Join us on May 17th, 2018 at 2pm EST as special guests from IntraVires Health Compliance Consultants, Shelley Koltnow and Dan Fischer, for the second episode of our three-part policy management webinar series.

If you missed the first episode of the series, don't worry! This webinar series is not episodic, meaning you do not need to attend each one in the series in order to gain insight and understand what we cover in the next episode(s). You can download and watch the previous episode, "Having a Policy on Policies", by clicking here.