[Webinar Recap] Having a Policy on Policies

Couldn't make it to our webinar yesterday? That's okay because you can still watch the recording on how to take the initial steps towards laying down a solid foundation for your policy management strategy on our YouTube channel.

This webinar was the first episode of our three-part series, Building Towards Successful Policy ManagementIt covered what the responsibilities of management are, what a successful policy process includes, provides some guidance on the creation of policies and talk about how you can take this valuable information and get started on revamping and improving your organization's current policy management efforts.

Join us on 5/17 @ 2pm EST for episode 2 - "Steps for Rolling Out a Policy Management Process"

We were pleased to host this webinar yesterday, April 19th, 2018, featuring special guests Shelly Koltnow and Dan Fisher of IntraVires Health Compliance Consultants.