The CAN-SPAM Compliance Checklist

If you are a marketer, then you've more than likely heard of the CAN-SPAM act which is an acronym for Controlling the Assualt of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing. If you don't know about this law, you need to.

In 2003, President George W. Bush signed the act into law as the first U.S. national standards for the sending of commercial e-mail. The act is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission and offers huge fines and penalties for non-compliant entities. It's important that you understand how to stay compliant with this law.

Failure to stay compliant with the CAN-SPAM act could result in a fine for $16,000 for each email that's in violation. If you sent 5,000 emails, you would be fined 80,000,000 which is no small fee. From the consumer or prospect standpoint, it established the rules for commercial emails and messages, giving them the right to opt out.

It's important to note that CAN-SPAM doesn't solely appy to bulk email, according to the FTC it "covers all commercial messages, which the law defines as 'any electronic mail message the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service,' including email that promotes content on commercial websites."

Below we've provided a checklist for some of the things involved with staying CAN-SPAM compliant. For the entire list, visit the FTC's CAN-SPAM Compliance Guide.

Managing your marketing departments emailing efforts should be a top priority. Do you think your organization could easily afford an $80,000,000 fine from the government? Look into automated compliance solutions that make it easier to manage your daily compliance efforts.