The 3 Biggest Accounting Problems for Small Businesses

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the United States economy because of their ability to innovate their industry landscapes. However, it's not uncommon for small business owners to feel overwhelmed due to the number of problems they have to face on a daily basis. Below we've listed the 3 biggest accounting problems small businesses face.

1. Hiring the Right Accountant

There are millions of accountants out there that are ready and willing to help manage the bookkeeping of your company but that's not the problem. Many small business owners struggle with finding the right accountant for the job. Choose an accountant who understands your industry. The right person should be able to address your business needs and offer workflow improvement insight.

2. Using the Best Accounting Software

Similar to accountants, there are thousands of different accounting software solutions out there that all cater to different management and industry needs. To combat this challenge you need to determine the right software based off of the key features that your company needs the most. This is where hiring the right accountant comes to mind, work with them to make sure that you are choosing the right solution and are setting it up correctly.

3. Staying on Top of Cash Flow

It's simple, companies that are not successful in managing their cash flow will not be in business for very long. It's extremely important that your business manages its cash flow to the best of its abilities. However, if you've hired the right accountant and purchased the right accounting software solution, staying on top of your cash flow should be much easier. 

At Etactics, we provide a premier automated A/R solution that we tailor to our clients' specific needs. We make choosing the best accounting software solution easier by streamlining the process and offering features that are based on what the majority of our clients request.