How to Create a Strong Culture for Your Accounting Firm

Corporate culture is sometimes an over looked aspect of any business because of its abstract results, you can't place it on a data sheet or view the numbers of its success. However, it's an important aspect, especial for accounting firms, to establish in your organization. According to Accounting Today, there is a cultural trio that create a solid foundation for a firms culture;  doctrine, leadership, and ritual.


Doctrine includes a firms umbrella cultural elements; mission, vision, values, promises, and business model. These concepts need to be clearly defined and delineated so that they can act as the first stepping stone towards a better experience for you and your employees.


Leadership is more than managing people, it involved the firms leaders' ability and responsibility to inspire and empower staff. This can be done through praise, incentives, and/or rewards. Your staff members are the most important aspect of your firm and without them, your job would be much harder.


Each firm offers or should offer different, unique experiences so that your employees to create bonds, teach, and inspire each other. "Breaking bread" is a common phrase used to describe the process of creating bonds with team members and employees, it's something that every firm should consider. 

Keep in mind that these three cultural advancements are merely the foundation for a successful culture within your accounting firm. After you've laid these out, you need to continue to enhance and tweak your culture as you see fit. Beyond these three, one of the most important ways to keep a healthy culture is to have open and consistent communication with your employees.