Etactics Delivers Outcome Based Results

As the healthcare marketplace continues to navigate change, providers are being asked to deliver outcome-based results that will be directly associated with payment and reimbursement. Their business partners and providers, in turn, will be asked to provide new solutions and services that move away from the mundane and provide greater opportunity for an increase in revenue cycle results. 

At Etactics, in order for us to remain relevant as a partner, we continue to improve existing solutions to ensure greater utility and have introduced a variety of new solutions that all impact the revenue cycle continuum. For instance…

  • Our business-rule centric statement solution can be coupled with complementary solutions to influence timely and responsible self-pay patient payment. Since the conception of the Affordable Care Act, self-pay patient balances continue to rise and providers are less apt to write off these account balances. Our intelliStatement® solution complements the delivery of the statement with other services all aimed at getting the patient engaged when an account balance ages. To learn more about the solution, watch the video below.
  • Those significantly aged or past due accounts require immediate attention. Most providers we partner with do not have a solid and singular platform to manage these past due account balances to a positive outcome. Our A/R Insite solution provides our clients with a process driven recovery resource that natively enjoys collaboration among team members, influences A/R recovery accountability, and enjoys template driven communication ensuring your team engages with patients in a professional and ethical manner. To learn more about the solution, watch the video below.
  • We continue to add onto the solution set of our process-driven platform known as ConnectPlus®. Our newest solution set, or K2 Compliance, affords our clients with a resource to better manage a variety of regulations and compliance related matters that all healthcare providers must address. Using K2 Compliance™ can assist our clients in understanding where risk exists and deploy policies to address the same, further mitigating the risks of compromising PHI and the expensive fines associated with being non-compliant. To learn more about the solution, watch the video below.

We continue to add services, transform our solution portfolio, and remain at the forefront of adding or introducing innovative technologies that all positively impact the revenue cycle continuum. To inquire about any of our healthcare related solutions, please feel free to contact us.