CEO's Continue to Be Confident in Accounting Technology

According to a recent survey conducted by KPMG, CEO's are continuing to gain more confidence in technology. This is especially true within the accounting world. Of the 400 CEO's surveyed, three-quarters of them said they are actively pursuing technology disruption in their own sectors, rather than waiting for competitors to do it. This initiative is accelerating accountants acceptance of technology and trending cloud-based accounting solutions. 

The sooner organizations realize how much money they could save by using automated accounting technology, the faster their accountants can shift towards a more strategic role. KPMG gave a similar survey last year and only two-thirds of CEOs in that KPMG survey admitted concern that their organizations were not disrupting business models in their industry.

The technology train within the accounting industry is not stopping and it's important that your organization jumps on that train before it's too late. All across the industry, it's clear that automated accounting solutions are the future.