5 Ways to Grow Your Accounting Firm Through Automation

As more automated accounting systems are entering the market, traditional accounting firms are beginning to worry. You may even begin to worry if your job will still be around within the next five years. The answer to that question is if you focus on how automated accounting solutions can help your organization rather than how it's forcing you to change your traditional practices, the answer is yes. Below we've listed 5 ways to grow your accounting firm through automation.


SaaS-based accounting solutions are making it easier than ever before to manage your client's accounts in an accurate and compliant way.  This gives you and your employees more time to brainstorm and focus on business strategy. Sit down with your managers and create a strategic plan that guides the implementation of these software solutions. 


Since accounting automation is such a hot topic within the industry, thousands of companies are jumping at the opportunity and creating their own SaaS automated accounting solution to score big. It's important that you vet all alternative solutions before you make the final decision on which solution is right for your firm. Sure a big company may offer more bells and whistles but a small organization's solution can probably be better tailored to your companies accounting strategy.


Customer satisfaction should always be a top priority, regardless of the size of your organization. Since your automated accounting software will be taking care of most of the bookkeeping, it's time to shift gears a bit and focus more on providing your clients the best experience possible. Some of the most successful businesses in the world use their customer experience as their biggest strength.


In the coming years, when all bookkeeping is automated. What exactly will accountants be doing? The answer is shifting from the role of the bookkeeper to the person who interprets all of the data being automatically processed by the software. This person will know the entire cloud accounting ecosystem and their expertise will help advise their clients on what they need for their businesses to truly succeed. This goes beyond automation.


If you think your employees are worried about the major changes occurring within the accounting industry, assure them that your organization is looking optimistically toward those changes. Having high morale within the office pays dividends and will put less pressure on your employees so that they can continue to push your organization towards becoming an innovative leader.

Accounting is not a dying job, it's in the middle of a renaissance that will take the industry to new heights, helping all accountants become business leaders in their own right. Automated accounting solutions cut time and costs tremendously, giving accountants more time to focus on exactly what their clients need.