5 Tips to Ensure FDA Compliance

The Federal Drug Administration is a federal agency under the United States government that is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through their control and supervision of food safety. As you can imagine, this supervision requires them to put into place many strict regulations that force food, drug, and cosmetic organizations to ensure that what they are offering to customers is safe. Because of this, it can be hard to keep track of all of the different regulations. Below we've listed 5 tips to help ensure FDA compliance.

1. Simplicity

The regulations put into place by the FDA are already complex so it's important that you keep your regulation management as simple as possible. If you enfore instructions or procedures at your organization, make sure they are simple and easy to follow. Many people are visual learns so it might benefit you to include pictures with each direction.

2. Keep Up on Current Events

We constantly hear news about the FDA whether it be a corporate company's failure to comply or a new regulation that will shake the industry. These current events deal directly with your industry and can provide you with insight on how you should adjust your organization's daily practices to conduct compliant business. Google Alerts is a great tool to utilize that can give you a daily overview of what's happening with FDA compliance.

3. Seek Outside Help

FDA compliance is not a new practice considering the government agency has been around for 110 years. If you feel overwhelmed when trying to manage everything, don't be afraid to reach out to known industry experts. The more years of experience they have within FDA compliance, the more valuable they are to you and your organization.

4. Think Logically

When a problem occurs in your organization, don't let it be overlooked. Try and determine the root cause of the problem so that your employees can learn from their mistakes. This will also help you work out any lingering organizational problems that you may have never noticed. 

5. Take Advantage of Technology

We are huge advocates for technology, especially when they are cloud-based. Your organization should shop the market for cloud-based compliance solutions because they will not only make your job easier in managing FDA compliance but also increase the productivity of your business processes.