5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Cloud-Based Compliance Software

Cloud-based compliance software is the way of the future but before we dive into that, let's take a broad look at the trends in compliance environment. We constantly hear news about companies facing massive government audits for failing to stay compliant. You may have the traditional "this won't happen to me" outlook when talking about managing compliance-related issues within your organization. With that mentality, you are bound to fail and an audit will happen.

Countless studies and industry statistics have shown that companies who don't properly manage compliance within their company will eventually be audited, it's unavoidable. Furthermore, if your organization already manages compliance, it's likely managed in a clunky, outdated, and manual process. You may not know the benefits of cloud-based compliance software so we've given the reasons why you should switch below.


We live in a time-poor society meaning that time is an extremely valuable resource. This has lead to an increased trend in mobile usage across the globe. Because of this trend, new mobile-friendly technological advancements have come to the forefront and the majority of those advancements are cloud-based. Cloud-based compliance software is a direct result of that trend and they allow users to connect, manage, and look up their policies from anywhere and at any time.


Many cloud-based compliance software applications display the workflow of your organization's policies in easy to read KANBAN boards that allow you to quickly and coherently understand everything going on in your compliance environment. The moment you login you can manage your employees, track what they are doing, and what determine which policies you need to adhere to.


 The days where your desk and bookshelves are cluttered with endless different books and forms of government policies are over. Cloud-based compliance software solutions allow you to input thousand page government policies and regulations at the click of a button. The inputted policies and regulations will instantly be uploaded into easy to read and manageable tables.


All of us like to visualize our data and information in different ways and many times cloud-based compliance software user interfaces are completely customizable. You will be able to adjust specific information and determine what it looks like. The inherent customization abilities of this software eliminate the need to fumble around with outdated color palettes and design software.


We all know how important it is to make sure that all of your data is backed up. It's also likely that we have all experienced a time where we've lost all of our data and policies due to hardware failure. Cloud-based compliance software eliminates the need to worry about backing up data completely since all of the policies, regulations, and management data you upload will be automatically stored on a secure cloud server.

The benefits to switching from outdated compliance management practices to technologically advanced cloud-based compliance software speak for themselves. No matter what regulations you need to follow within your industry, you should consider switching to a cloud-based platform that can be customized to exactly what you need.