The Importance of Customizing & Automating your Revenue Cycle Processes

Patient responsibility is a large component in today's Healthcare Reimbursement Landscape, due to higher-deductible plans and higher co-pays on the rise. As plans change, patient confusion increases causing a need for providers to be more strategic and ensure that they have the tools in place in order to collect while also not draining their revenue. With healthcare consistently evolving, providers are looking to improve business processes, boost staff productivity, reduce expenses and accelerate payment.

When I discuss customization, I define it as the ability to analyze the statement file data and complement the delivery of a patient statement with other automated services to influence patient responsibility. It is important to find and outsource to a partner that understands your goals and is able to re-engineer your patient statement based on your revenue cycle.  Providers are looking to improve their workflow and most are turning to six sigma processes to ensure success.  Solutions that encompass a vast array of functionality are a MUST for healthcare organizations to survive because they allow them to enjoy operational and cost savings, while making a major impact on their net revenue.

Based on working with Etactics Innovative and Advanced Solutions, having an automated workflow, being able to track and have a final disposition for patients as well as the ability to customize play a HUGE role in today’s implementations. The ability to also auto post and export data back into systems is a necessity for organizations, and one that Etactics is able to provide. Features & functionality such as: online patient payment options, automated and/or live calls, adding letters in with statements, intelligent mail tracking, address correction technology also all impact an organizations revenue. Etactics knows what it takes to help make organizations successful and exceed their goals.