Stop Wasting Your Time and Money!

Like most businesses, we attend a series of conferences and tradeshows throughout the year and network with the attendees at the same events. Our partners or the hosts of the conference will send out an “attendee list” with names, addresses, companies, etc.... but usually these lists never include an email address (if only it was that easy!). We decided to try something new... send a postcard in lieu of an email inviting registered attendees to visit us at our booth during the convention! Yes, a thick piece of paper you receive in the mail...  that you don’t even have to open!

So we came up with a list of people to send this post card to.... 30....50...100...200...500 registered attendees! That’s 500 pieces of paper I need to print onto to convey our message. But along with printing all of these pieces of paper, I also print mailing address labels, and then pay for postage to meter and mail all 500 pieces of paper. Whew! I had my work cut out for me right? My company is not only paying for all the resources to create this mail campaign, they’re paying for my labor and time expended to accomplish this task. Then after all that effort, we have to hope the street addresses provided were 100% correct and our message was received.

So I started searching online for an easier way to save my time (and our company’s money). I used paper, a pen, and a calculator to figure out my “all in” costs. I transcribed some numbers that looked like this based on a little research:

Ink and labor… well, I couldn’t factor those costs into my calculation because their unpredictable variables. . However, I did add in all these costs…

Mail through technology: $294.75
In House (with not all factors included): $390.35

The difference is almost $100.00 for one mailer when comparing a manual process versus outsourcing! Needless to say, I decided to automate the process using technology!
I used a service in which one design’s the postcard, uploads the attendee list… it then goes through an authentication process and one presses “confirm” and they charge your account. So simple! So why aren’t companies using automation today to send their invoices and statements to their customers or patients? Companies can get accustomed to traditional methods and mail from in-house, not realizing that this process is both inefficient and costly.

According to IOMA’s AP Department Benchmarks and Analysis 2010, “The average cost of processing an invoice or a bill in an environment with a low level of automation can be up to 20 times greater than the cost of processing in an environment with a high level of automation.  At Etactics, we take your data file, re-engineer and format its output, and then automate both the printing and mailing your invoices and statements to your clients or patients. We cleanse your “bill to” addresses in advance of production so you don’t receive those returned pieces of mail, and hope they get delivered to the right address or recipient.

Each year more than 44 million Americans (18-20% of all households and businesses) relocate and more than 23% of all mail contains addressing errors. Etactics helps minimize this undeliverable mail and its associated costs. We are experts in the transactional data management industry. We can automate this manual process, deliver a better product, all at a lower “all in” operating cost… stop wasting your company’s time and money and start automating with Etactics!