Solutions for Every Stage of the Revenue Cycle

We’ve been working within the healthcare industry for almost two (2) decades and continue to improve upon our solution's offering to our clients, especially when assisting with the management of the 'revenue cycle'. We provide six (6) SaaS-based solutions that are entirely powered by cloud computing. However, what we really provide is a suite of different solutions that help our clients get paid in a timely manner. Our management team has spent thousands of hours over the years studying the inner-workings of the 'revenue cycle' process in order to become subject matter experts when consulting with our clients

As we continue to conduct business, we realize how important it is to develop services specifically to address your client's or patient's needs, allowing for ongoing enhancements and improvements to our solutions. Today we serve more than 4,000 clients on a daily basis, with each of our solutions offering support to various stages of the 'revenue cycle'.

Each of the solutions that we offer are provided in the image displayed above, with our two (2) new solutions branded as A/R Insite™ and K2 Compliance™. To learn more about each of our individual or comprehensive solutions, click here.

If you would like to know more about how K2 Compliance™ can assist your organization to remain compliant, regardless of the existing policy you follow, click here.

If you’re currently evaluating how you would like to automate your accounts receivable process with a keen attention to collecting on aging receivables, learn more about A/R Insite™ here.