Our Revenue Vitals Report Details Your Organization's Health

Our Revenue Vitals Report will help you know and physically see the health of your organization. But before we dive into the details of our report, let's discuss some of the prevailing trends within the industry.

There are a handful of buzzwords within the healthcare space that you've more than likely have heard in the past few years; analytics, metrics, big data, informatics, and KPIs. Each of these words are relevant when discussing an organization's revenue cycle but what do they really represent? We at Etactics believe that, although they are buzzwords, these terms stem from the most basic and vital signs of your organization's revenue cycle.

When visiting a healthcare provider, they always make sure to check a patient's vital signs before administering any form of treatment. These signs represent the status and quality of the body's most basic functions and are useful in detecting or monitoring medical problems.

Similar to visiting a doctor, it's important that you get a gauge on your organization's vital signs so that you can better understand its health. How do you accomplish this? Well, as leaders in data management and business intelligence, we understand how to check these vital signs as a way to help you monitor both the strengths and weaknesses of your revenue cycle. You could compare what we do to an MRI, we scan your data with our technology to allow you to take an "under the hood" look into your organization.

The Revenue Vitals Report helps you uncover and prevent revenue leaks, provide education to define best practices, prepare for payer negotiations, calculate asset valuation, and discover red flags pertinent to merger activities.

What is required in order for us to run the Revenue Vitals Report? All that we require are ANSI 835s and within 7-10 days we'll give you a detailed report that includes graphs, tables, and heat maps so that you can visualize and physically see the health of your organization. The Revenue Vitals Report can be anything from a high-level overview to an extremely in-depth and finite report that measures every facet of your organization, just tell us what you are looking for and we can handle the rest.