Kanban! Kanban! Kanban!

If you had asked me 6 months ago, what is a Kanban, I might have responded with a city in South Africa or a type of monkey indigenous to the Amazon Region of South America or the original name for a classic Star Trek villain.

Oh, I was familiar with the concept, just not the word. So there lies the question, what does Kanban mean? The Wikipedia definition, in a nutshell, is - a visual process management system that tells people what to do, when to do it, and how much needs to be done.

This allows businesses to visualize their processes and workflows, clearly define roles and responsibilities within those processes, empower employees, limit interruptions, improve collaboration and build a base for continuous improvement.

This leads to another question, why is any of this important? To companies that have a whiteboard, sticky notes and a room readily accessible by all company employees, maybe very little. To companies that have multiple office locations, have challenges with collaboration or just want their employees being productive, not sitting in meetings, maybe everything.

ConnectPlus® powered by Etactics is bringing its Kanban based CRM to market and we would appreciate your feedback.

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