IntelliStatement Enhances Your Revenue Cycle

Think about how your organization currently manages transactional documents. How many hours each business day do your employees spend preparing, printing, and then mailing statements? On top of that, how much time do they spend collecting on payment for services that have been rendered? If your costs are high, then it’s time to consider our intelligent statement solution or intelliStatement®.

intelliStatement® is a suite of services that can be automated using data from one’s PM, HIS, or EHR system. It is designed to optimize the management of the self-pay revenue cycle. In simpler terms, Etactics’ intelliStatement® solution is designed to automate the delivery of statements with complimentary letters, phone calls, emails or text reminder services all aimed at getting the self-pay patient engaged. Health systems or providers use their A/R best practices to determine when their patients receive both statements and these reminder services. The emphasis of the solution is to inform self-pay patients to make timely and responsible payment within term.

Etactics’ intelliStatement® clients simply upload their statement data to our secure customer area for processing. Thereafter we work with your health system or practice to create a custom campaign that is best aligned with your AR recovery needs. Providers can view the results from any intelliStatement® campaign by visiting the User Interface that provides a glimpse into the status of an account and how the complementary service might be influencing patient payment behavior. The User Interface allows the provider to make changes to the statement campaign or workflow to ensure that those services having a positive impact on influencing patient payment, are triggered earlier in that statement’s lifecycle.

intelliStatement® also includes an interactive voice response solution to assist your staff with receiving patient payments over the phone. While on the phone, patients are prompted to input unique account information and then are afforded the opportunity to make a payment using a credit card. This solution includes an ERA file transmission provided to the health system or practice on the next business day, allowing your team to effectively post payments back into its A/R system.

Our intelliStatement® solution is focused on decreasing self-pay patient balances and can prove invaluable when serving health systems, hospitals, physician groups, medical practices, and Long Term Care Pharmacies. Being able to review the metrics associated with a patient’s self-pay responsibility will allow your group or practice to adjust its statement workflows and complementary services, and in turn, help increase revenues while lowering operating costs.