Improved Statements Achieve Better Clarity, Faster Collections

Create a more effective patient payment program by improving communications around patients’ medical statements and offering a variety of payment options. Medical facilities often receive feedback from their patients and adapt to meet their needs. In turn, Etactics listens to these requested changes and adapts to meet the facility’s needs. To do this requires a partner that understands customer service and can make changes quickly – and that’s exactly what Etactics does. The value of the Etactics solutions goes beyond improving cash flow. Clarity improves patient satisfaction and allows for health systems to educate patients about the organization’s brand and services. When you send any communication – a letter or a statement – you have the opportunity to tell the patient more about your facility.

The Etactics program focuses on turning ordinary documents into effective patient communications. With an old system, if an error isn’t picked up until after a statement is issued, it might take several weeks or months to resolve. Eliminating delays reduces interruption in the cash-flow process for hospitals/physician offices and frustration for patients. Redesigning the statement itself has helped patients understand what they have received. Statement design elements like larger fonts and different colors to emphasize important areas make invoices easier for patients to review. The statement also drives patients to the website to ask questions, access a statement or, make a payment.

To achieve this, Etactics can arrange an online payment option.  People are more computer savvy than ever before, yet the health care industry has been slower than others to adopt Internet-based options. Online statements and the ability to pay online are choices patients now expect. A combination of user-friendly statements and flexible payment options can help facilities to collect payments faster. Accurate, clear communication also helps steer patients to the appropriate payment model more quickly, whether it is Medicare, Medicaid, charity care or other possibilities.

Work in Progress

Working with Etactics can allow patient statements to better explain what medical procedure or service was performed in a way that the patient can understand. Too often, patients receive statements that don’t explain what they are being asked to pay for. Clarity means understanding what happened and what was performed. Much of the work is a fine-tuning process that requires ongoing communication and customization. To offer the patient choices, clarity and convenience, you need a partner to help you keep adjusting and making improvements.

Etactics’ patient payment program reduces administrative costs, improves accounts receivables and increases collections. Our ability to analyze statement data and enclose custom cover letters is an example of the proactive action that collects on accounts before they become delinquent. Patient account data can be uploaded to Etactics’ website, processed, printed, and mailed by the following business day. The program has increased patient revenue by as much as 25 percent while reducing billing questions and the number of statements mailed by the same amount.

Let Etactics create an effective payment program for your facility.