Etactics Sets a New Record for Webinar Attendance!

Etactics, Inc. has reached a new record for the most successful webinar held! Registered attendees reached well over 100! On June 25th 2015, Etactics held an educational webinar "Preparing a Denials Management Prevention and Appeals Strategy for the coming ICD-19 World. The presentation was given by Senior Vice President Carl Trownson. The webinar was 40 minutes long and highlighted ways to prevent denials for upcoming ICD-10. ICD-10 will be implemented October 1st 2015, and claim error rates are expected to more than double.

Carl discussed how ICD-10 will impact post implementation costs, strategies to use to prevent denials, the costs to rework a claim, appeals strategies and many more topics.

Carl enlightened the webinar by discussing what he calls:

The Ten Iron-Clad Rules of Denials

1. Just because it has a code, that doesn’t mean it’s covered

2. Just because it’s covered, that doesn’t mean you can bill for it

3. Just because you can bill for it, that doesn’t mean you’ll get paid for it

4.Just because you’ve been paid for it, that doesn’t mean you can keep the money

5. Just because you’ve been paid once, that doesn’t mean you’ll get paid again

6. Just because you got paid by one Payer doesn’t mean you’ll get paid by another Payer

7. You’ll never know all the rules

8. Not knowing the rules leads to more denials

9. There’s always someone who doesn’t get the message

10. There’s always someone else who gets the message and ignores it

If you would like to see this presentation one-on-one contact Carl Trownson at