Etactics Further Enhances "Go Green" Initiatives

It's no secret that many American companies thrive on their morning cup of coffee. In fact, it can be said that the general population of America is obsessed with coffee since we consume around 400 million cups of the stuff per day. With that cup of coffee, you require a physical cup and likely a lid, which are more than likely made of both paper and plastic materials. For one person, it may not seem like this cup of coffee is harmful to the environment but if all 146 billion cups of consumed coffee used disposable paper and plastic containers, it would have a huge negative impact on the environment.

Etactics is proud to announce that our organization has completely cut down on our employee's usage of disposable cups by providing each employee with custom Etactics branded tumblers. The tumblers were distributed today and will not only help reduce our organizational carbon footprint but also save money, increase brand awareness, show appreciation to our employees, and we'll all walk around the office in style.

We also provide our statement clients the opportunity to "Go Green" and make it possible to receive, view and pay their bill electronically by simply visiting our website and clicking on "Pay My Invoice" in the top right corner.

Below are some more facts about the impact paper coffee cups have on the environment...

Coffee Cup Environment.png