Etactics 2018 Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Today the Etactics team celebrated the holiday season by participating in our annual Secret Santa gift exchange. Although participation is voluntary, we had a large turn out this year of both new and experienced employees for the $20 limit.

Name selection for this event happens during the beginning of December so that there's plenty of time to come up with the perfect gift idea. When the time comes, no one knows who has each other and someone “breaks the ice” to start the exchange. Once that person opens their gift they have to guess who they think their Secret Santa was. The team encourages each other to be as deceptive as possible when wrapping their gifts, making guessing a challenge. This year we saw multi-tiered box wrapping, ransom letter styled labels, and disguised handwritten labels.

Our Secret Santa gift exchange is always one of our favorite events. After all, what use is it to decorate a holiday tree without filling the bottom of it with heaping piles of presents?

🎁 Happy Holidays from all of us at Etactics!