Etactics 2018 Holiday Tree Decorating

We’re in the holiday spirit at Etactics! Yesterday, December 10th, the Etactics team held their annual Holiday Tree decorating luncheon event. There’s always something special when the entire team clears their busy schedules in the early afternoon to spend time together and spread holiday cheer. The team did a fantastic job as the Hoilday Tree looks better than it ever has in the past, partially due to a new set of ornaments!

The Holiday Tree decorating has been a tradition since Etactics was founded, twenty years ago, in 1999. Since then, every year the employees come together to put this tree together and decorate it in the spirit of the holidays. Guests who visit Etactics get to enjoy the tree all the way up until the new year as it is the first thing they will see when they walk into our main lobby. As we’ve grown in employment over the years, the event as become quite a spectacle.

Of course we took a few pictures throughout the event, take a look below!