Introducing The Etactics Changelog


At Etactics, we believe in providing transparency into our unique process of development that allows us to establish best-in-class Revenue Cycle SaaS-based solutions. This belief system has lead to an unprecedented customer service experience within our vertical markets for almost 20 years. We’re excited to announce how we are taking the Etactics experience to the next level…

Introducing The Etactics Changelog

From now on, all of the version updates and changes we make to our solutions will be curated and detailed within our official Etactics Changelog in order to enhance the experience we provide to our customers. Our Changelog shows not only our acknowledgment that no software is truly "complete", but also that we are making an extraordinary effort to both listen to and adjust our solutions based on what our clients need while enhancing our technologies to provide a better overall quality of service.

We will be formatting and announcing each of our solution’s version release, starting with Customer Access Plus and Patient Access Plus, into an understandable and digestible post so that our customers can view a real-time glimpse into the progress we are making.

Each post, or version release, to our Changelog will detail the following…

  • Compatibility Changes (if necessary)

  • Features and Enhancements

  • Issues Resolved

  • Known Issues

If you are already a client of Etactics, we will provide you with an additional, more detailed version of the release notes from within our solutions that can be downloaded as a PDF.