FACT: Patients make up 30% of medical practice revenue.

The Etactics intelliStatement® process is a revenue cycle management solution geared towards decreasing the self-pay and patient responsibility balances of hospitals and medical practices. This state of the art revenue cycle solution makes use of a workflow based metric tracking program. Being able to view the metrics of your patient responsibility revenue cycle will allow you to make changes to it that help lower your costs and increase your collections on self-pay and patient responsibility balances.


We turn ordinary documents into effective patient communications by:

  • Applying business rules to individualize and personalize documents
  • Creating innovative design formats that enhance payment
  • Providing e-Services that improve customer service and accelerate cash flow

Etactics is committed to the goal of improving the healthcare system through patient friendly billing. Our statement services are designed to be both patient friendly and effective. Design and technical features such as our top-line summary and patient payment portal help:

  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Improve account receivables
  • Increase collections

Our full variable digital color statements empower you to accomplish multiple goals:

  • Custom or Targeted Messages – Promote important health system events and services through selective color and graphic variable messaging. Reinforce any “branding” or “style” initiatives by your system.
  • Accelerate Payments – Clearly communicate your payment expectations. Incorporate full-color credit card logos and highlighted dunning messages. Drive payment activity to a website for quicker and easier payments.

Cover Letters
Inserting cover letters make dramatic improvements in patient payments by explaining an enclosed statement, requesting additional information and/or accentuating obligation of payment. Our letters are cost effective because they piggyback on the postage already spent to mail a statement.

Custom Backers
Etactics uses duplex printing to image the back side of all statements at the same time the front is printed. This means that the information printed on the back is just as readable as what is printed on the front. It also means that information on the backer can be changed immediately without wasting stock. Business rules can be established to print different backers according to categories.

Bilingual Billing
If you have Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients, bilingual statements can provide all column headings and other static information in both English and another language. Multilingual cover letters explaining the bill or requesting payment can be printed in English on the front and in Spanish, or other languages appropriate to your patient demographics on the back.

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