Review and Approve Prior to Mailing

With eApprove you have the following capabilities:

  • View an invoice before it is printed and mailed
  • Add a letter or other correspondence to the invoice selectively
  • Delete an invoice from the production run
  • Sort and view your invoices in order to review past due clients and clients who owe the most
  • Select accounts that can be automatically routed to a pre-collect letter service or collection agency

Return Mail Address Correction and Services
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Each year more than 44 million Americans (18-20% of all households and businesses) relocate and more than 23% of all mail contains addressing errors. Etactics helps minimize this undeliverable mail and its associated costs. Our standard address processing includes the use of Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) approved software to correct addressing deficiencies.

Our NCOALink service provides access to the USPS National Change of Address System. We process the addresses contained in your invoice or statement files to see if any of the people or businesses in the file have instructed the USPS to forward their mail to a new address. If there is a match, the new address is substituted for the address contained in your file. These address updates are then identified in a report so that you can keep your address file current.

Etactics provides complete services and solutions which meet USPS regulatory Delivery Point Verification (DPV) standards and which increase the probability of your invoices or statements being delivered and paid. Our eCorrect product is fully integrated into our service so that once your files are uploaded, addresses are cleansed and return mail processing is automatic. On average, our clients are able to correct 70% of their bad addresses prior to mailing.

Electronic Image Archive
Our eView service gives customer support the ability to clarify billing issues, reduce disputes and improve collections by viewing the same letters and invoices the caller is holding through our 24/7 electronic archive portal.