Electronic Patient Payment Billing

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Patient Access Plus offers a secure payment and electronic statement delivery processing solution. It accelerates account receivables, reduces risk, and saves time and money. It is a solution that provides value added service for your patients and helps you gain a competitive edge and increased revenue. Every statement sent electronically will virtually eliminate the cost of printing and mailing the statement. It improves A/R time and patients will receive their bill quickly.

The patient payment portal gives you the ability to schedule recurring and automated payments from patients checking and credit card accounts. We can direct patients to your website that links to your existing merchant account, or we can provide the merchant account for a true “One Stop Shop”. Patients will be able to log in through the secure website with a payment screen customized with your detailed information.

Online Patient Integration

  • The online payment entry presents a simple electronic payment portal for patients
  • It offers payment options your patients want, such as checking and savings withdrawal as well as paying by credit card

Merchant Account Services

  • Services are offered through PCI Compliant partners
  • eCheck services for verification of online check payment options

Electronic Statements

  • Patient Access Plus technology allows patients to receive, view, manage and pay their bills online
  • Multiple reminder options for email follow up

Our Patient Access Plus portal also allows them to:

  • Change address information
  • Enter or correct insurance information
  • Enter comments that help resolve accounts
  • Conduct surveys for patient satisfaction
  • View your financial policy and/or refer frequently asked questions
  • View a glossary that helps them understand commonly used terms and jargon
  • View, print or download PDF images of their bill