Etactics is a revenue cycle solutions company serving over 4,000 physicians, hospitals and medical groups nationwide. We provide a wide range of services including patient statement services, claims clearinghouse services, and denial management.

With our patient statement services, we use our data mapping expertise to accept your document files in virtually any consistent format. We process your data to individualize, produce and distribute transactional documents such as statements, collection letters, and special informational inserts or newsletters.

Etactics is also a fully web-enabled, all-payer, electronic data clearinghouse that connects providers to over 2,000 payers nationwide. We work directly with other clearinghouses, re-pricing agencies, third party administrators, commercial carriers and various government contractors such as Medicare and Medicaid to serve as a single connection point to all payers.

Hardware and software independent – use your existing system to generate a single claim file connection. Etactics’ all payer solution boosts staff productivity and our web interface is easy to use and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a clearinghouse, we provide various up-front edits to your claim files and process the information to meet HIPAA ANSI transaction standards.

Everything we do is aimed at providing better, faster, and more accurate payment and reimbursement from payers and patients.

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