Etactics is The Preferred Clearinghouse for EncounterWorks

Stow, Feb. 5, 2018: Etactics Inc., a leading clearinghouse and revenue cycle management solutions provider for almost 20 years, announced that they are now the preferred clearinghouse for EncounterWorks, the healthcare division of DataGroup Technologies Inc. This transition to Etactics’ is one toward a clearinghouse service that emphasizes customer service and price model flexibility.

Both companies share similar philosophies: Joe Ferrara, Vice President of Etactis’ EDI department states, “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to offer our services to clients of EncounterWorks. EncounterWorks and Etactics share a common goal to provide high value based on a superior customer experience at an extremely affordable cost structure.”

Etactics’ clearinghouse will provide the following services to EncounterWorks clients:

  • At least 97% clean claim rate.
  • Access to Etactics’ support team of highly skilled product specialists and industry experts who’s common mission is addressing all customer issues in a prompt and thorough manner.
  • Existing EncounterWorks clients will have the option to move to Etactics’ clearinghouse.
  • Etactics will roll out a new feature that allows EncounterWorks’ clients to send claims instantly from within the EncounterWorks.

About Etactics: Etactics is a leading business solutions organization committed to providing innovative, web-based solutions that improve our clients’ cash management and customer relationships. Our products and services assist clients across various business sectors to improve business processes, boost staff productivity, reduce expenses, increase compliance related efforts and accelerate payment.

About EncounterWorks: EncounterWorks is the healthcare division of DataGroup Technologies Inc. In the early days DataGroup Technologies Inc. (DTI) served as the technology support provider for many medical software providers. After working with many PM and EHR software vendors it became clear that the available systems were too limited and too expensive. Their goal is to produce healthcare solutions that make an immediate positive impact on patient care and practice management.