Etactics and Platinum System EHR

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Platinum System EHR as their preferred claims clearinghouse for chiropractic healthcare providers and organizations. We’ve all heard the horror stories surrounding switching your claims clearinghouse, that’s why Etactics and Platinum are committed to making the switch to Etactics’ clearinghouse as simple as possible. The two biggest pain points we’ve heard from chiropractic healthcare providers regarding their current clearinghouse situation; customer service and the onboarding process.

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Make the switch with zero interruptions


Our ultimate goal is to make the switch to Etactics’ Clearinghouse service, IntelliClaim, as easy as possible. Below are a list of features and benefits of switch to our clearinghouse services.


Implementation Made Easy

Platinum and Etactics will work together to integrate key information into Etactics’ enrollment wizard and produce an enrollment packet without you having to lift a finger.

Customer Claim Scrubbing

Etactics will optimize your clean claim rate by implementing custom scrubbing edits at your request, which reduces all level of rejections.

Test File Review

Etactics’ test file review provides a preview of any areas of concern prior to a predetermined “GO LIVE” date, speeding up the process. We’ll do whatever we can to save you time.

Customer Service Team

Our customer service team is here to help. You can expect quick and knowledgeable responses for issues ranging from a rejection to calling on your behalf to investigage ERAs.

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Platinum users are eligible to receive up to 20% off Etactics clearinghouse services if they inquier in March 2019.

Platinum & Etactics Promotion Month

If you inquire about switching to Etactics’ clearinghouse from now until the end of April, we waive any onboarding fees to ensure your switch goes as smoothly as possible.

Fill out the form below so that we know you are interested and we will have a representative reach out to you to begin the conversasion.

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*The overall discount that a qualifying party can take advantage of is based on their buying situation. Current Etactics clients are not eligible for this promotion for the existing solution they are currently utilizing. This promotion lasts until 4/30/2019. If a qualifying party contacts Etactics during any time within that date range, they are eligible to take advantage of the promotional rate through their entire inquiry length.