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Exact Plus Feature - Upgraded Address Correction

Exact Plus takes the Address Correction feature to the next level by providing and entirely new level that helps users even further with Level 2. Level 2 is a skip tracing service that queries the name provided in a radius of the zip code provided.  Level 2 then provides potential associated addresses and relevant data points.

For example:

  • Dates the address was used

  • Partial Social Security number

  • Date of Birth

Business logic can be deployed to dictate when Level 2 searches occur and can be deployed manually.

Regarding level 1, we use USPS' secure dataset of approximately 160 million permanent change-of-address (COA) records consisting of the names and addresses of individuals, families, and businesses who have filed a change-of-address with the USPS, also known as National Change of Address (NCOA). If the level 1 database search does not return a positive address,  we can be asked to redirect the address of record to level 2, or a LexisNexis database search. Enter a name or zip code and level 2 return a list of addresses within a 25-mile radius related to those two entered criteria.

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Exact Plus Feature -Letter Insert Management

Providers today want options and alternatives when engaging with patients. Exact Plus allows a provider to create their own library of resources, like letters, content messages, emails and text messages, and automated phone calls, that they can selectively invoke at the account or patient level. All patient statements can be accessed in an approval queue allowing the provider to deploy complementary resources and messaging based upon their A/R business rules. Get the patient engaged, the higher the likelihood that you will get paid.

With Exact Plus you can send multiple different types of letters or inserts...

Past Due notices


Typically, past due and/or final notice letters are sent separately in the mail. This is an ineffective practice for multiple reasons including double postage cost and confusion that could lead to a phone call to client managers.

In an effort to reduce workload and postage costs, Exact assembles your customized content, like past due and final notice letters, into the same envelope as your statement or invoice. This dynamic, all-in-one envelope set leverages cost,  influences recipient behavior, and can significantly enhance the payment remit process.


Informational Notices


Informational Notices are helpful to add a personal touch when delivered with your statement or invoice. This content could include anything from non-advertising announcements at a corporation to helpful “step-by-step” how to’s. They help transition your patients or clients into your ambassadors, giving the brand more of a personality, while galvanizing the marketplace perception that your practice or organization is an industry leader.


Marketing, Promotions & Advertisement


Guerilla marketing is an advertisement strategy concept designed for businesses to promote their products or services in an unconventional way with little budget to spend. These strategies have been proven to be so effective that many Fortune 500 organization’s have picked up the practice. 

Exact allows its users to make the most out of their marketing efforts by offering the option to include marketing collateral as an insert, minimizing effort and maximizing results. Want to announce a new service or product? Announce the inclusion of a new healthcare provider in the practice? Announce or advertise a limited time or sale promotion to influence customer action? Including customized content within the same envelope set as your existing patient statement or  customer invoice makes all of this communication easier and influences recipient behavior. 

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Exact Plus Feature - Returned Mail Management

Maintaining effective communication with customers is crucial for any organization's success. Return mail can inhibit this process and be a significant and costly challenge. Though the issue appears in all industries, it is particularly concentrated among high-volume First-Class mailers in five business sectors or Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Utilities and Government.

The challenge for the mailing industry is that approximately 3.69% of all First-Class Mail does not get delivered. Not included in this statistic is the lost value of returned communications like delayed and missed payments, excess call center activity and perceived poor customer service. Excessive undelivered mail can have a disastrous impact on cash flow, labor expenses and customer retention.

Return mail will continue to cause workflow conflicts unless organizations proactively address it by using a centralized, automated return mail service. By using Exact Plus, businesses can significantly reduce operational costs, collect outstanding monies owed, recuperate undelivered documents' lost value, and positively impact the bottom line.

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Exact Plus Feature - Address Data Standardization

Would you like to keep the delivery of statement or invoice documents in-house, but need to cleanse a list of addresses in advance of printing? Exact Plus could be used to assist with determining the validity of an address and fixes invalid addresses so that they comply with specific USPS postal standards.

Exact Plus address cleansing is done on the front-end  of your document printing and mailing efforts and is used to clean and standardize a contact database or list. Typically these services will 

  • Break down each individual address in a provided list and match it to USPS specific postal standards

  • Analyze each address for spelling errors or incorrect address values

  • Repair these errors and correct address data

  • Return a list of valid addresses for your organization to ingest and use

By using Exact Plus address validation service, companies can improve customer relationships, reduce time and resources spent on manual address cleansing, and improve transactional document delivery time.

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Content Messaging with Exact Plus

Technology is constantly improving itself which, in turn, increases the amount of communication channels that customers, clients, and patients use on a daily basis. However, this causes an over saturation and can make it harder to reach out to the individuals that owe an organization money via a statement or invoice. There is no perfect communication channel, making it even harder to determine which to utilize.

Upgrading to Exact Plus unlocks the ability for an organization to create, send, and review contact messages via email, phone calls, and text messages. This upgraded feature further enhances an organization’s transactional document management capabilities and ensures that the best effort to receive payment in full and within term is achieved by targeting the top three modern communication channels.

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Exact Plus Feature -Registered or Certified Mail

The U.S. Postal Service offers Registered or Certified Mail for customers sending valuable or irreplaceable items through the mail. Registered or Certified Mail services accessible thru Exact Plus, provides added protection for valuable and important customer and internal mail with evidence of mailing and delivery.

Tracking service begins from the time the sender presents the mail to the Postal Service to the point of delivery. An accountable individual must sign for the Registered or Certified Mail piece each time it changes hands. While any person can send Registered or Certified Mail, due to business and regulatory reasons many companies deal with Registered or Certified Mail to enable proof of mailing, secure delivery, as well as archival proof of delivery.

Benefits of Registered or Certified Mail using Exact Plus

  • Create a Sense of Urgency - When the recipient has to physically sign for Registered or Certified Mail, it creates a sense of urgency to open and read the documents. Registered of Certified Mail also makes the documents more official and less likely to be found in the junk pile.

  • Tracking - Tracking abilities keep the sender more informed. USPS’s in-route delivery scans a record of the acceptance date and time the Registered or Certified Mail was sent, the mail is scanned in-route to record when it enters and leaves each Post Office and sorting facility, and the tracking information is updated each hour.

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Exact Plus Feature - Online Postage Meter Management

All automated mailers, like Etactics, are required to pay postage in advance when presenting a statement or invoice to the USPS for delivery. Our “all in one” pricing model affords our clients to enjoy the cost of 1st class postage already included within the negotiated statement or invoice set rate. 

However, with Exact Plus, our customers now have access to a Virtual Postage Meter or device directly from Etactics’ website and Customer Area. Customers can now charge the Virtual Postage Meter with prepaid 1st class postage based upon need. Organizations can create and then fund their account with prepaid postage, and then Etactics will process, print, and mail all transactional documents automatically. 

This method eliminates the need for any postage hardware, and can allow the application of this postage to be associated with the customer’s account.  Benefits of using the Exact Plus Virtual Postage Meter include

  • With our Virtual Postage Meter, a provider or business can pay postage from the comfort of his or her office.

  • The statement or invoice set rate is fixed and unencumbered with postage costs.

  • A refundable security deposit for postage is not required. A provider or business funds postage as and when needed to process, print, and mail a statement or invoice file.